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"The most Nova Scotian show you could think of!"
-The Coast, Halifax

"[Brown's] “Stan Rogers: A Matter of Heart” takes Rogers’ beautifully-crafted works and animates them into new and spirited life – with powerful voices, multi-instrumentation by the cast members, stirring acting, and a smooth sail on the sea of Stan’s songs."
- The Guardian PEI

"An immediate standing ovation was the only way the crowd could part ways with the show’s untiring cast."

-The Guardian, PEI

"Geordie Brown is the director, designer and definitive leader of the production. He’s joined by a large and very qualified cast, varying in age and background but all contributing to the show in very big ways."

"They are wonderful! I'm amazed at the energy.  And they are staying true to our arrangements. I'm thrilled by that."
-Bob Ashley, Original Musical Arranger


-Review by Darcy Cudmore, The BUZZ

-"Stan Rogers: AMOH wows Guild audiences", The Guardian
-"Cast for Stan Rogers: AMOH features PEI Talent", The Guardian
-"Stan Rogers joins Anne & Gilbert on The Guild Stage", The Guardian
-"Teens take  on top roles in Stan Rogers: AMOH", The Guardian

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