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Stan Rogers (1949 - 1983) is considered by many to be the greatest songwriter that Canada has ever produced. His music captured the power of the human spirit and many of his songs have become part of the Canadian folk repertoire.

A child of Maritime stock on both sides of his family, Stan Rogers was borh in Hamilton, ON on November 29, 1949. He grew to be a big man - six foot four - built like a fire truck, and possessed a voice that rumbled from his toes. He became a songwriter, working as a rock bassist while still a teenager, and later embracing the folk idiom. After some persuasion by his Aunt Jane in Canso, Nova Scotia, he began to write songs about his familial home, his roots. Those early songs found their way onto Stan's first album, "Fogarty's Cove", and he was on his way. From that point forward, Stan's best writing was about the Canadian experience. His songs gave a new voice to ordinary folks who worked the fisheries, mines, and farms of this vast country. 

Although he is no longer wish us, his legacy continues to entertain, educate, and celebrate the Canadian experience in its raw and most honest forms. 

(Excerpts taken from Emily Friedman and Fogarty's Cove Music)


Stan Rogers

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